Logo and Brand Identity

Karigari Design is committed to creating functional and innovative designs that suits the needs of its clients. Our endeavor is to partner with Indian clients where design plays a huge role in their business. Our research techniques help our clients develop identity and designs, which are drawn from the immense depth and the very fabric of Indian culture. We believe that effective designs act as a powerful tool to drive the corporate vision and align its internal and external forces.

Brand Packaging

We understand design is not about how it looks and feels, it’s about how it works. Our talented and experienced pool of designers ensures your packaging subverts stereotypes and breaks clutter at the shelves of the retailers.

Environmental Design

A country, which until recently was known for small ‘kirana’ shops has come a long way in retailing. With throes of change in the economy, and high footfalls, retail establishments need to communicate more than ever before. Karigari Design understands retail outfits are powerful places to engage users and recommend ideas that are truly unique offering multi-sensorial experience. We help brands define the user experience and bring it alive by creating distinctive environments that make lasting impressions.

Merchandise Design

Karigari Design Inc. is inspired by the fine graphic art called India. We are fascinated with the intricate weave of contrasts India has to offer. Our recent foray in retail with aesthetic utilitarian products will mark a beginning of a new genre of contemporary Indian design. Designers at Karigari Design are exploring India’s heritage, its crafts, its culture and producing products in an aboriginal design language that has global relevance.

Book Design

For Karigari Design, it’s all about the cover. It starts from there.

Website Design

For Karigari Design, it’s all about the cover. It starts from there. blah blah